Frequently Asked Questions

About RVC Titans Football

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How are the teams organized?

The RVC Titans is a non-profit, volunteer based organization that will play in the Nassau County Youth Football League (NCYFL).  Players are assigned to teams based on age and weight.


Division Date of Birth Roster Weight Limit Game Weight Limit
7 year olds 12/1/15 - 11/30/16 90 100
8 year olds 12/1/14 - 11/30/15 100 110
9 year olds 12/1/13 - 11/30/14 120 130
10 year olds 12/1/12 - 11/30/13 130 140
11 year olds 12/1/11 - 11/30/12 140 150
12 year olds 12/1/10 - 11/30/11 165 175
Flag Football 12/1/16 - 11/30/18 unlimited unlimited


Players will be weighed in late August in shorts and shirts only.  The weights listed above are maximum weights, there are no minimum weights in any age group. A heavy player is permitted to play “up” only one Age Division but must fall within that ages weight limit.  Roster weight is the weight of a player at the league weigh-in in late August.  If the player does not make roster weight and is above the weight in the next age group up, he will not be allowed to play that season.  Game weight is the weight of a player with equipment, excluding helmet, prior to each game.  If a player does not make game weight he will not be allowed to play in that game. There are absolutely NO exceptions to the roster or game weights noted above.

When does the season start?  What is the time commitment? 

Practice starts on or about August 1st and will consist of 2-3 nights during the week (most likely Monday, Tuesday & Thursday) for approximately 1 ½ - 2 hours per practice.  When the season starts in September, most games are on Sunday but there may be a Friday or Saturday game.  After Labor Day, practice will be 2 nights during the week and Saturday morning. This means football is a 4 day commitment from September through November.  The regular playing season is 8 games (4 home and 4 away).  The season runs through November and the end date is based on the playoffs schedule.

How many teams are there per age group?

We are looking to field one team per age group.  If there are too many kids in a particular age group we may have an evaluation to keep the team size manageable or have 2 teams for that particular age group. We will decide in July, after registration closes, exactly how many teams will be a part of the RVC Titan organization.  This decision will be based on paid enrollment and availability of qualified coaches.

What if my child never played tackle football?

We welcome all new players and look forward to teaching them the proper and safe way to play the game.

What other towns play in this league?

Baldwin, East Rockaway, Farmingdale, Franklin Square, Garden City, Hempstead, Hicksville, Inwood, Island Trees, Levittown, Long Beach, Massapequa, Mineola, Oyster Bay-Bayville, Rosedale, Syosset and Uniondale are all part of the NCYFL.  If you reside in one of these towns and that town has an NCYFL team in your age group, you must play for your home town.

When is registration?  What is the fee?  What is the refund policy?

Online registration begins in May and goes through June 15th.  The fee is $295 per player and includes professional video of every game.  Refunds will only be given prior to August 1st or if a team cannot be fielded in a particular age group.

Do I need to buy equipment?

Players will need to purchase their own helmets, shoulder pads, mouthpieces, athletic supporters, and cleats.  This is strictly for the safety of the players as it is very important for each player to have properly fitted equipment. RVC Titans has a relationship with Riddell and we arrange for an equipment fitting in July where you can purchase helmets and shoulder pads at a discounted rate. You are welcome to get your equipment from any sporting goods store as well but the helmet must be white with a red mask.

RVC Titans will provide game jerseys and integrated game and practice pants with pads.

What documentation is necessary in order to play?

All players are required to submit an acceptable proof of birth, a physician signed and stamped medical form, and 2 passport photos during the first week in August.  Acceptable proofs of birth are an original passport, original birth certificate, or an original government document denoting proper birthdate (such as an immigration document).

Who should I contact if I am interested in coaching?  What are the requirements?

Please email us at for more information.  All head coaches must be 21 years old and assistants must be 18.  There is a required USA Football coaching certification program and NCYFL clinic and background check, as well as an RVC Titans coaching clinic that must be completed in order to be eligible to coach.